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SocialVolcano is only going to provide a full refund when ONE or more of the following occures:

  1. We dont deliver deliver your order for any given reason. This could be an error at our system or an update on the network we are working with you.
  2. You dont get a reply from us after 24 hours of ordering.
  3. You dont recieve what you ordered from us but make suere you read 100% the description of the service bevore you order.

SocialVolcano is not going to provide any refunds when:

  1. The order is completed and delivered in time.
  2. More than a week from delivery is passed.

We are a provider of social network marketing services. These are digital delivered services and Paypal doesnt offer protection for buyers or sellers so refunds are strict to be given only if something of the above happens. Have in mind to provide proof when you ask for a refund.